MONSTER SLAYER, a sci-fi style hunting FPS game where you fight amazing monsters, will be available on Steam!

  • 2021年3月7日
  • 2022年1月4日
  • Unity

SF-style hunting FPS game to be released on Steam in late june 2021
This is the introduction page of MONSTER SLAYER

The game and Steam page are available in English.

Game Overview


This is a FPS game where you have to defeat extraterrestrials (monsters) that have multiplied on an island on Earth.
This is a FPS game where you have to defeat the aliens who are the source of the monsters.


Amazing monsters.

The ministry that you have to fight is the ministry of monsters that can only be described as deformed and make you cringe.



There are three types of bullets in the gun that the player uses in battle.
You must use the unique effects of each bullet to fight your way through!

The visuals of the bullets have never been seen before.
It has a magical look and feel that is unique to the ministry.

Normal Bullet

Normal bullets are characterized by low damage and fast bullet speed.
It is capable of storing energy in the monster it hits.
Energy is essential for other bullets to have their unique effects.



Flaming bullets are characterized by high damage and slow bullet speed.
If you hit an enemy with accumulated energy, you will be hit with a follow-up blast that will deal more damage and also absorb HP.
It can also absorb HP and recover it. These bullets can be considered the cornerstone of combat.



STOP bullets do no damage and have a slow bullet speed.
If you hit an enemy that has accumulated energy, you can stop their movement for a certain amount of time.
If you attack while the enemy is stopped, the STOP effect will be canceled.

It’s very useful when you are out of boost energy and can’t take evasive action or keep your distance from monsters.
This is a very effective bullet when you are surrounded by enemies.


Boost function

Players can move faster with boosts!
This comes in handy both when moving and in combat.
Especially in combat, it is very useful for evading and keeping distance from monsters.

This boost function allows you to enjoy eye-popping shooting action that has never been seen in an FPS before!


Other functions

There are other players.

  • ∞ Full recovery (with cooldown)
  • Boss detection function
  • ammunition infinity

Advantageous conditions, but
You’ll need to use the effects of your bullets and the functions of your weapons to survive.
And if you die, you lose everything, so it’s a sweaty, paper-thin combat experience!


Product Summary

Platform:Steam(Windows )
Scheduled release date:June,2021
Languages supported: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German

※The language will automatically change depending on your PC’s settings.